Teen Talk - March 11, 2014

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Family is so important to everything we do.

They are the individuals who are there in times of need, regardless of the circumstances.

This past weekend has been long and difficult; my last grandparent passed away.

Personally I feel that this is not a time to make myself or others feel worse, but a time to remember, celebrate a wonderful life and reflect on memories positively.

I guess life is a strange thing when it comes to situations such as this past week.

Life can be so wonderful, packed with many adventures, opportunities and challenges.

Often we take our lives for granted, not considering others in Portsmouth and on this globe who may not enjoy our quality of life.

One minute, we could know somebody who is as fit as a fiddle and carrying out their daily needs.

The next, they may be experiencing a time of vulnerability and pain and be in need of comfort.

Families are a stronghold of support – whether that is a family of three, four or 10 people, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve always been an individual keen to plan ahead and be organised with everything I do.

I would suggest that I am completely opposite to the ‘live each day as it comes’ approach. However, moments such as a loss of life make you realise that we never know what is around the corner.

Yes plan things in life, although not to an extent that it controls you.

We all need to ensure that time is devoted to doing the things we love and that we 
don’t clog it up with practicalities.

We are always learning new things, discovering new areas of our lives and therefore changing our attitudes. As young people, it is very easy to take advantage of the way we live.

Sometimes, we may feel invincible in comparison to the rest of the world as youngsters are still growing, learning and may feel the healthiest.

Anything could happen to anyone at any time – just remember to really appreciate what you have around you, the family and friends you have and the objects you possess.