Teen Talk - March 18, 2014

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Many of us dream of having a gap year after our school or college life before moving on to the next chapter of our journey.

Nowadays, gap years are encouraged on the basis that they are productive and have an impact on you in some way.

I know people who have had a gap year and have thoroughly enjoyed it by travelling, volunteering and working.

At the same time, I have known people who’ve completed a gap year and reflected on it with an unenthusiastic attitude; it was only used as an opportunity to earn money.

Whether you wish to have a gap year or not, that is completely your choice.

A year off is a brilliant opportunity to experience independence and really have an insight into different areas of life.

In January this year, I had applied for university certain of what I would like to study and was ready to start this September.

Come early March, I made the difficult decision to defer my conditional offers from the universities I applied to so that I can have a year’s break from education.

The reason I have chosen to have a gap year is because I wish to enhance my CV by volunteering and gaining appropriate experience for my chosen career path.

As well as this, I felt that it was relevant to have some time off to have fun and do a little bit of travelling.

The idea of having a gap year came when I was thinking about my future. The fact that I would have started studying a course important to my career this September was daunting.

Realising the pressure really hit me hard. I continuously thought to myself that if I didn’t do well in my A-levels, I’d never get into university.

From there, the decision was easy. By deferring my university offers for one year the unwelcome pressure was gone.

Now, I can focus on my qualifications without the worry of applying to university and everything that comes with it.

If you intend having a gap year, ensure that you use your time wisely and do something good with it.

It is important you can reflect on your year off and see it as a success.