Teen Talk - March 4, 2014

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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It’s been a busy week, full of meeting new people, learning new things and sharing memories with various individuals.

Last week I attended a gathering which reunited leaders who are at work today, and were at work in the past. With familiar faces and new faces, the gathering was certainly thriving.

The overall aim of the evening was to exchange memories associated with this particular group.

Many also turned up to wish the future of the organisation well. Generations of people had been affected in some way by the presence of this particular troop in the city – the 54th Portsmouth Scouts.

The most inspiring aspect of the evening was to see so many older people share their memories of camping and weekly meetings.

It was pleasing to witness the legacy the organisation has left to many individuals.

As young people, we should take advantage of the activities we are offered. In fact, we may not realise how relevant and life changing something we do now may be to our lives.

Often, I have a laugh with friends about funny things which took place earlier in our lives. Just to think that the individuals I was surrounded by had years of memories was just fantastic.

I believe it is important that every individual has the opportunity to be a part of a group which not only creates the one-off memory here and there, but has an effect for years to come.

Last summer, I wrote about the adventures of Scouting and how it’s not just about badge work, tasks and camping.

It’s about the coming together of a community, a community which is there to have fun.

Yes, there are stereotypical opinions of Scouts, some of which have deterred people from joining.

But I am pleased to be someone who has experienced the organisation.

Hampshire is one of the most beautiful places in which to enjoy adventures.

Eight years on and I still love Scouting. The enthusiasm I have for it has persuaded me to become a leader and I hope it will do the same for others.