Teen Talk - November 12, 2013

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Recognising contributions to society

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Last week I had the responsibility of taking photographs for an awards evening held by the EBP (Education Business Partnership).

This was my second year of experiencing the awards evening and was another chance to show off some of the skills I have.

The evening, which was held at the Marriott Hotel in Portsmouth, wasn’t only enjoyable and a chance to build up some experience, it was also a fantastic opportunity to network.

As a young person who is slowly beginning to discover what I wish to do in life, I now understand and realise the importance of networking. Jobs are highly competitive – whether in teaching, broadcasting, retail or maybe even travel.

Therefore, it is important to gain experience and build relationships with the people you work with.

I expect you have read previously in one of my columns about how important it is that we have experience.

It is equally important to ensure a positive relationship with the providers of our work experience.

If you can show individuals potential, willingness to work hard and a curiosity to know more, you never know who you may impress.

The Solent EBP Amazing People Awards were supported by many businesses, thus a variety of businessmen and women attended the event.

I walked away with several business cards with business owners wanting to know more about what I do and what I wish to do. Why?

Because I stood out along with another young person who took photographs with me. Together we proved that we can work hard and professionally.

Even if you network with someone completely irrelevant to what you wish to do, it’s all good.

You never know who someone you know could know. If you’re a young person who is aware of what you want to do, or maybe even an interest, make connections… network!

There may be a time when you feel as if what you are doing is irrelevant, but ignore those feelings.

One day, that person you met could be a great deal of help in your future.