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This week, I’m at St Neots School in Eversley near Hook with the 54th Portsmouth Scout troop.

The Scouts I’m camping with hold an annual week-long summer camp where the young people who participate have the opportunity to experience life outdoors.

Activities include gadget-making, cooking and fire-building and are enjoyable but also challenging.

These activities are designed to build life skills, teamwork and for pure enjoyment.

Throughout the year, the Scouts meet weekly to play games, learn new things, do badge work and overall prepare themselves for the summer camp which I’m at today.

As well as this, swimming and hiking are frequent activities which happen throughout the week.

This particular troop hold several weekend camps throughout the year so that the Scouts can get ready for the long summer week away.

Around 35 to 40 young people (including Explorers) are attending the camp this year.

From what I can see, they are all having a fantastic time.

The weather has been fairly changeable with showers and sunshine.

But I believe a mixture is the best type of weather to camp in!

The week is prepared and led by adult volunteers who have been invested into the Scout Association.

The volunteers are pivotal in ensuring the success of this particular troop and work tirelessly for the young people.

There are numerous Scout troops across the city and around Hampshire.

In fact, this county has one of the best Scouting bodies throughout the country.

Scouts isn’t about continuous badge work and always learning how to tie knots.

It’s about enjoyment, playing games, doing challenges and a lot more.

Also, it’s about playing a part in the community, meeting new people and forming new friendships.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Scouting — regardless of your age – then I would say go for it!

If you wish to know more information, then there are numerous websites online where you can find out about local Scout groups.

Or feel free to tweet me on the above address for more information.

Be prepared, take the opportunity, be inspired and become a member of the Scouts.

See scout.org to find out more about the organisation.