Ten simple things to lift you out of the Brexit gloom – Verity Lush

In times of political chaos, it is often wise to take a moment to think instead of all the very simple things that make life really rather wonderful. In the face of political muppetry, it’s too easy to forget how great the tiny stuff can make us feel.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 4:56 pm
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 5:01 pm
Blossom tree near Chichester Cathedral

1. ‘Blossom on the tree, you know how I feel’. Nina Simone was spot on with this lyric. Who can deny that the sight of the local trees bursting into blossom, and raining petals upon pavements, isn’t a distinctly prettier one than the grey and drab surroundings of winter that we’ve been used to?

2. Having just 30 minutes to buy a paper you want to read, with a drink you want to drink, and sitting alone to consume both, distraction-free. 

3. A daytime nap. Remember those?

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4. Blue sky, silence, the chill of morning, with hardly another soul around.

5. Here’s one for the parents of young children out there. Having a wee. Especially alone. When you actually need one and not three hours later when your bladder feels like a bowling ball bursting with water.

6. Watching the excitement of your children or grandchildren. Pure, childhood excitement, the kind that keeps you awake at night, and that we forget as we grow older. The kind of excitement that the smallest of things can bring when you’re too young to focus on purely material expectations.

7. Food. And really enjoying it. Savouring the taste of what you’re eating and really being hungry as opposed to mindlessly scoffing it.

8. Friday night (insert appropriate evening here) with no work the next day. That sensation of a weight lifting, enjoying each moment and anticipating whatever the weekend brings.

9. Conversely, Monday morning. Because, after all, aren’t you just so fortunate to be here to see another?

10. And finally, that smallest of things that we bestow up on our kids and loved ones daily (or should do). A hug. Nothing says ‘care’ like a cuddle.

So scoop up your kids, hug your partner, and feel fortunate every time you manage a solo wee.

The reckless minority are spoiling it for the majority

I was reading today about the possibility of new cars having an enforced speed limit. 

This seems sensible for safety in many ways but such a shame in others.

It’s a shame it is seen as being needed with a minority blighting it for the majority.

Most drivers do not go around like maniacs on the roads, and many of us enjoy the action of driving – especially if you’re a petrolhead and driving is a passion for you.

I don’t even use the cruise control on my car because I fear that if my feet were off the pedals I won’t be fully engaged mentally with what is going on around me.

I do like the fact, though, that I get a choice about the matter.

The Dog Poo Sidestep is a move I’m truly sick of doing 

What is wrong with dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poo?

Most humans (please God) would not deem it acceptable to be tootling along the streets lowering their pants to produce a public poo.

Dogs of course cannot help this aspect – but their owners can pick it the hell up. 

I’m sick to death of doing the Dog Poo Sidestep at the moment. When I walk my dogs, I pick up the contents of their evacuated backsides.

If the pavements were littered with human poo then the lazy owners would not see that as acceptable, surely.

So why on earth is this any different to them going out themselves and using the street as a loo?