Tense, nervous headache? Just turn to Bald’s Leechbook

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ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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How cool is it that researchers from the University of Nottingham have used an ancient recipe found in Bald’s Leechbook (currently in the British Library) to make an Anglo-Saxon cure for eye infections?

Designed to cure ailments such as styes, the researchers have faithfully recreated the lotion using the recipe and cooking utensils only to discover it works (those Anglo-Saxons knew their stuff), and also appears to have a good go at MRSA. Who knew that garlic, onion and wine – plus lashings of ox bile – were so effective?

I’m a great advocate of homeopathy and other complementary practices. Knowledge handed down the generations has much value even if it didn’t originate in a pharmaceutical company.