Thanks for help after my PC woes

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With no computer for two weeks, I’ve had to pop to pals to do my e-mails and I’m very grateful to them.

But it’s been a real wake-up call folks.

However much some of us resist this technological age, it won’t be long before we are a paperless society, and we’ll have to be computer proficient.

I arrived with my poorly PC at Age UK in Paulsgrove.

The charming Paul had a look and agreed it was kaput!

Two days later I spent over an hour at PC World with the delightful Dee, one of their computer advisors. She was brilliant.

I purchased a laptop and a tablet, so now I’ve got to return to computer classes (fifth attempt).

I’m determined to overcome my technonerdess fears, and conquer the computer.

Oh yes, Paul rebuilt my PC tower. What a brill bloke.