Thanks for listening - you’ve given Him Indoors a break

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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The Richardsons are moving away from Portsmouth, so this will be – cue moist nose-blow – my last week writing a column.

Since 2011 I have written about subjects ranging from the Olympics to my husband’s latest look in cycle Lycra.

The columns have, I hope, injected a shot of perspective into the over-plump backside they call the ‘media landscape’.

Apologies if it has stung a bit, but here’s a sticker for being brave.

I’m sure my fingers will twitch for a keyboard next time Farage suggests mining the English Channel, or Gwyneth Paltrow bemoans her broken nights with Apple, but maybe I’ll take up the piano instead.

Thanks for listening. You’ve given Him Indoors a break.