That moment when you wish the ground would open up

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were so embarrassed you didn’t know what to say or do next?

Perhaps you said something you shouldn’t have and the realisation had just hit you.

Or maybe you were in the company of someone who put their foot in it in a big way and you were in the unfortunate position of witnessing the whole thing unfold.

We’ve all been there. I’ve certainly had those moments where I would rather the ground swallowed me whole than have to stand there and deal with the aftermath.

But I bet none of us have been in a situation like what happened at the Oscars.

The moment came at the end of the big night to reveal what movie had won Best Picture – and the wrong one was announced.

It was such an awkward moment and I just felt so sorry for all those involved.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, who were celebrating the 50th anniversary of appearing together in Bonnie and Clyde, were given the job of reading out the nominees for Best Picture and then revealing the winner.

But instead of announcing Moonlight had won, Dunnaway read out La La Land had won.

So La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz went on stage to accept the prestigious accolade.

Let’s face it, Best Picture is the ‘biggie’ of all the Oscars, so you can imagine just how thrilled he and the others involved were.

All of a sudden security guys went on stage and there was whispering and a bit of a kerfuffle and poor Horowitz had to then declare that, in fact, Moonlight had won.

Cringeworthy or what?

I felt such sympathy for the poor person who made the mistake by mixing up the envelopes.

I’m pretty sure they won’t be re-employed next year.

But it does beg the question of how on earth such an error was made?

The Oscars is quite literally the biggest awards ceremony of them all, so I’d have thought that every procedure would have been gone over again and again to ensure it was right on the night.

But clearly, I’m mistaken.


With summer feeling not too far away now, for many women it’s all about trying to achieve the beach body.

I’m not sure I’ve ever quite achieved it, but I came close when I lost weight for my wedding.

I’m now on a mission, running every day in a bid to shed the pounds.

I achieved 15 miles last week and am aiming to run 20 this week.

But it takes a combination of dedication, stamina and tunes.

Whilst others listen to cool and trendy tracks, or the latest chart hits, I listen to the oldies.

Dire Straits, Pet Shop Boys, Roxette – I love Roxette!

How sad am I? Still, whatever works, right?

I never pretended to be cool...


It never fails to surprise me when the calendar turns over to another month. How on earth are we in March already?

I actually said to a guy at work yesterday: ‘How can it be the official start of spring already when Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago?’

I just can’t believe how quickly the weeks go by – and it seems to speed up as you get older.

Still, on the plus side we’re now officially in spring and I know this not just because the evenings are getting longer, but also because the daffodils are out.

Gosh, I’m turning into my mother!

It won’t be long before those lovely summer evenings are here and we can sit outside in the garden.

For at least two weeks of the year anyway...