The advent calendar – a chocolate lover’s countdown to Christmas

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I hope everyone has remembered to open their advent calendars this week.

I love it when I miss a few days and then have a backlog of chocolates to eat!

For some reason the chocolates from the calendar always seem to taste better than normal chocolate.

A friend of mine goes one step further and eats all the chocolates on the first day but closes all the doors up again.

She says she finds it impossible to have all that chocolate in the house and not eat it! I think it must be quite sad for the remaining 24 days to open an empty door.

So, Iceland has launched a new festive treat to compliment the prawn garland – the Luxury Beef Garland.

For the price of £10 you get 1kg of, now I want to say pure beef but its only 23 per cent minced beef (so what is the other 77 per cent made up from I hear you cry?) all wrapped up in a rich pastry.

Mmm, I think that is one seasonal ‘delicacy’ that I won’t be pre-ordering for my Christmas feast this year.

The Iceland big boss Malcolm Walker has fought back against such ‘snobbery’ aimed at his brand, exclaiming in a recent interview: ‘We go as far as we can to make our products as healthy as possible for the money.’

But I would be expecting a bit more beef for my buck at £10! Malcolm admits that even he was ‘horrified’ when the buyers introduced their doner kebab pizzas, ‘but it sells like hell’. So someone must be buying them.

I was wondering how old do you have to be before you can get a job as a lollipop lady, because I have never seen one under the age of 60.

Surely it’s discrimination if there is an age bracket.

Or is it that the high-vis jackets and hats only become appealing once you have reached a certain age?
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