The Big Change

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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On Friday, November 16, young people had a glimpse into what exciting plans a newly-launched project called The Big Change has in store for them.

Striving to make young peoples’ lives bigger, better and brighter forever, the vision evening consisted of some young people having the opportunity to perform. Jerry Williams, 16, a songwriter from Milton, was overwhelmed by the reaction to a performance she gave as it was her first time performing for a live audience. She says: ‘This was a fantastic opportunity and has opened up even more for me’.

Another positive element of the evening was a drama performance from Miltoncross School which was delivered with great enthusiasm and excellence.

Councillors also attended the evening in support of improving young people’s lives.

Scouts, students and local organisers had the chance to share their thoughts about what living in Portsmouth as a younger person is like.

Motivational speeches were also given by the chair, Georgie Boxall, 17, and vice-chair Hayden Taylor, 16, of Portsmouth Youth Parliament on how important it is that young people are represented. Kay Sutherland, 16, known as the Member of Youth Parliament, also shared her journey in representing young people. Kay will be debating at the House of Commons on Friday sharing young peoples’ views.

As The Big Change continues to grow, they say ‘it is an exciting time for us as we will be changing lives and doing lots of interesting things’.

From January, the plan is to give young people more opportunities to get their voices heard. Sometimes in life, young people need to be approached as they won’t approach others. As soon as they realise what a positive effect The Big Change will mean for them, young people will soon take advantage of it.