The Brits on board have been moaning that it’s too hot!

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I’m sorry, but you’re going to hate me for this, but I know where the British summer is – the Med!

We left our ship for the first time in Corfu. The pharmacy sign flashed up 42C. Next day in Dubrovnik, it was 38C. This heatwave is making a mockery of the British tourist board’s catchphrase ‘stay-cation’.

But typically, the Brits have started moaning on board that it’s too hot!

You really have to visit Dubrovnik and the old walled city. We decided to walk the entire circumference. Stunning views, but we ended up dripping wet like we’d played 90 minutes at the Euros!

Tomorrow morning is Venice. Our balcony will overlook St Mark’s Square. Was I right? Do you hate me?