The clothes made me look like a large marshmallow

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I thought that the recent end of my globetrotting trip meant that challenges and adventures were over for the time being. But clearly not.

This week I’ve been put to the test, pushing myself to new limits and finding out what physical exhaustion really is.

Again, it was in the name of filming – I SO should be the new Anneka Rice (wow, remember that series? Loved it.)

There was one big plus to the pain and suffering I endured – strong, outdoorsy men surrounded me all day.

Okay, so allow me to explain. I needed to film something which showcased the adventurous side of my personality and highlighted what this good city has to offer, so I immediately got in touch with the Portsmouth Water Sports Centre which is on the Eastern Road.

They kindly invited me along to try some of their activities. Now, although I’m a real girly girl, I’m also one of those gals who is pretty much up for anything.

So I traipsed along in my tight skirt and killer heels (as pictured) hoping that, as we were filming, I could perhaps undertake an activity or two looking half-decent.

Not a chance! This photo was taken before they made me put on four layers of clothing (which made me resemble a rather large marshmallow), trainers and a helmet, which did nothing but flatten the lush curls I had spent all morning painstakingly achieving.

But as my Matt told me several times when I tried to break the rules, ‘safety first’. Quite right Matt.

I did rock climbing, which is a lot harder than it looks, but really good fun. It was absolutely freezing when we were filming, despite the several layers I had on (which funnily enough I was so relieved to have).

I’d never done it before and the guys were pretty impressed with my determination to get to the top. I did it in a not-bad time, even if I say so myself.

Then came the big challenge – the ‘leap of faith’ which literally saw me climb to the top of a wooden pole and jump off it.

I was at the mercy of Jamie who was controlling everything on the ground, hence the name ‘leap of faith’.

Fareham-based Global Fire Productions filmed the whole thing, so I’m eager to see the results.