The dilemmas of sharing a room with a work colleague

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What are the worst things about sharing a hotel room with someone you work with?

There are so many comments I could make on this subject. But before I list a choice few, I must clarify one thing. The person with whom I shared last weekend is lovely.

That said, sharing a room with a colleague is distinctly different to any other situation.

When you bunk with a friend, you have something in common. At least one or two unlovely drunken moments.

For example, perhaps they’ve witnessed you being ill in a hedge, or you’ve seen them peeing in a bush. You’ve probably wiped each other’s tears about the unjustness of life, or something similar.

One would think that, with the majority of co-workers, these incidents have never happened.

So what do you do about the professionalism barrier when you’re removed from behind a desk and instead stuck in a bedroom with only a shared history of filing or similar to bind you together?

For a start, after deciding on who is having which bed, there’s a decision to be made about where to get changed.

Remember at school when you ran off and hid at the back of the locker room behind a coat rack and some bags, but all the cool ones just stripped off and got on with it?

Do you keep up your confident work persona that you’ve cultivated so carefully, or revert to teen years? The choices are limited to scuttling to the bathroom or standing proud with flesh on view.

Half the joy of staying in a hotel room is very much spreading out all your stuff across the room, throwing towels on the bathroom floor while making endless cups of coffee to use up every single freebie in the room.

How can seeing how many shower caps you can get on your head at once say ‘here’s someone with serious career credentials’?

Then there’s the pyjama decision. What does a professional pair look like? Nightgown? If so, what length?

But the worse of it all has to be the age-old problem of snoring, yours and/or theirs. Luckily for me, I don’t snore. And anyone who says otherwise will have their secrets revealed...