The doc tried to nip those Corrie pensioners’ habits in the bud

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So are you 62 with hairy nipples?’ I quipped back at the radiographer at St Mary’s Treatment Centre on Tuesday.

She had told me to just pull off the wire triangles that were attached with sticky tape to my nipnips (which by the way are not hairy, I was just being a smartypants ).

So why did I have these attachments on two very delicate feminine body parts?

I was on a callback for a second chest X-ray, and the area concerned had to be highlighted.

When my doctor told me I had to have this X-ray, I 
immediately asked: ‘Is it cancer?’ He said ‘no’, so fingers crossed folks.

Telly can be a great way to cheer yourself up and as a flower power child of the 60s I have giggled myself silly at Coronation Street’s latest storyline – wacky baccy wrinklies.

For those of you who don’t watch Corrie, Roy’s senior citizen mother 
Sylvia joined the ‘One O’clock Club’.

This is where OAP Stan provides the other members with chocolate brownies that have an extra ingredient – cannabis!

It’s been hilarious viewing, watching the usually bolshie Sylvia on a ‘pot high’, full of love and light for the customers of Roy’s cafe.

But in last week’s programme, corner shop owner Rita rumbled the wrinklies when she found hubby Dennis on the shop floor in a drug-induced euphoric state.

Rita, who dubbed Stan a geriatric drug lord (so funny), marched Sylvia and Dennis to see Dr Carter.

The doc explained that though they are innocently using cannabis to alleviate rheumatic pain, there 
are nasty side-effects to the drug.

Well of course I never worried about side-effects when I puffed pot in the 60s.

I was never that fussed folks, I don’t like being zonked out man.

And finally...there’s been a recent survey, where 2,000 women were questioned and 70 per cent said they would trust their mother’s opinion on what they were wearing.

Really? When I had my dress shop my mother (size 12) would hold up a glamorous top and say ‘I love this, but it’s better for you (size 16) dear’.

It was enormous! Fashion advice from my Ma -no way!