The Easter bunny took pity on me and gave me an egg

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Cheryl Gibbs

Did you enjoy the Easter break? How lovely was it to have more than two days to rest and recuperate.

In fact I think four-day weekends should be mandatory. Imagine that!

Despite my best efforts, I did over-indulge, although I can only admit that now because I’ve since lost the two pounds I put on over the Easter weekend.

Two pounds might not sound a lot, but that’s over-eating by approximately 6,000 calories – and what’s more I wasn’t even bought an Easter egg by anyone. Well, that’s not entirely true – I did get one from the Easter bunny.

Genuine, straight up, this is the truth. We were invited to our friends John and Liza’s son’s first birthday and joint christening.

Who could turn down an egg from the big bunny himself?

Held at a venue in Southsea, this party was one to remember – if not by the birthday boy himself (pretty sure kids don’t remember that far back).

I’ve never seen anything like it. Cohen had a bouncy castle, popcorn and candy floss machines, a face painter, a huge buffet, sweets on each table and an Easter bunny.

Yep, the Easter bunny arrived much to the joy of the kids and the adults – or, if not the other adults, then me at least.

I couldn’t believe it. What’s more, the Easter bunny brought an egg for every single child.

We took my sister’s children, Hollie and Lewie, and they loved every single second, to the point where I literally had to drag them away.

That could have been because they were super high on all the E numbers they had consumed, or because toys were on tap.

Anyway, they were thrilled to each be given an Easter egg.

Once all the children were scoffing happily away on their eggs, the bunny clocked me in the corner looking rather subdued.

When he came over, I explained that no-one had bought me an Easter egg this year.

So he took great pity on me and gave me my very own egg! In my defence, who could turn down an egg from the big bunny himself?

I like a tight, snug dress – who doesn’t? Especially when you’ve lost a few pounds (16 in my case), you want to show it off.

So I empathise with Jennifer Lopez, who this week was spotted in a dress so skin-tight she had to have her assistant help zip her into it.

The dress was small, people. Way too small.

I mean, let’s give the girl credit. She looks fine, mighty fine. But she absolutely needs to learn the art of wearing things gracefully and this dress not only looked too tight but must have felt it too.

What I do love about our gal Jenny from the block (does she still call herself that?) is that, despite how svelte she’s looking, the girl’s still got curves – lots of them and in all the right places.

What gal wouldn’t want them to be seen?