The excitement of turning 18

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Eighteen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to South Downs College and lives at Eastney, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter 

So it’s here, a number which I’ve been waiting for that has seemed to take far too long to arrive… I’m 18.

Now I can legally vote, purchase items I couldn’t before, marry without parental consent and do multiple other things.

The change of age emphasises a vast transformation in life, it’s a step into adulthood and highlights that much responsibility is on its way.

Now that I’m 18, it’s pleasing to know that I can make my own decisions.

It could be argued that at times we take what we have and who cares for us for granted.

Some may take their parents for granted and wish to be left alone, when in fact deep down we appreciate what they do but just wish for more of our own space.

A personal example would be when my mum worries if I go out late with friends. I make out that her ongoing concern and what I call ‘nagging’ is frustrating, when in fact it is justified and loving.

I’ve seen friends turn 18 who’ve suddenly gone off the rails; the sudden legalisation of particular areas have complicated their minds.

Now that I’m 18, I’d like to stay at this age. Someone once told me to not wish my years away as they come around fast.

With responsibilities ahead of each of us, I can imagine it doesn’t take long to realise the speed of time.

Whatever you do and whoever you meet, remain determined and understand that life can be great for as long as you lead it in a positive way.

Last week I went to watch the Moscow State Circus. The strength, stamina and skill of the performers was amazing.

The training must have been rigorous and intense and ensured the audience walked away with the ‘wow’ factor.

The circus performers show that after working hard towards something, you reap the benefits and enjoy what you do.

The circus is an enjoyable outing for the whole family and it’s nice to see something different in Southsea.

As young people, we are required to strive to achieve and work hard .

Like those performers in the circus, if we put our mind towards hard work, we can achieve our full potential.