The fashion folk need to get with the times a bit quicker

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You need to have a sense of humour if you work in fashion. Otherwise, spending your day worrying about what tone of blue is ‘in’ would really take its toll.

But a grip on reality clearly isn’t needed if the way the experts are pushing what they’ve identified as the next big trend is anything to go by.

‘If flesh-coloured tights are your thing’ reads the press release, swiftly followed by the words frumpy and granny.

That’s right, granny chic is apparently hot right now.

Much funnier than that is what the fashion folk think grannies actually look like.

It’s all tweeds, brogues, bingo halls and bridge with this lot.

But considering the UK has had grans as young as 26, they’re more likely to be kitted out in tracksuits than tartan these days.