The festive book I loved the best

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When I was a child I loved to read and there was one book that was always my favourite.

It was a big and heavy book with lots of pages. But I wouldn’t read it all. Instead I’d go straight to the pages near the end and spend literally hours looking at the pictures and reading the words.

I’d only be interested in reading it for a few months, usually between the months of October and December.

No, this wasn’t a book by children’s favourite Roald Dahl or one that I’d picked up from the local library. This one was actually picked up from a store in Portsmouth city centre and is better known to you and me as the Argos catalogue.

Yes, in the run-up to Christmas I’d use this to help me write my present list to Father Christmas.

Now history is repeating itself except my daughters have more choice. Argos catalogue, Smyths Toys catalogue, Toys R Us catalogue... they have been circling what toys they’d like. Either they’ll be very disappointed or I’ll be much poorer come Christmas Day.