The garden fairies are doing a great job on this magical land

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Sometimes you sprinkle a little fairy dust and you get 65 feet of magic wonderland.

You also get a nose-picking gnome (the kids love him), Bill without Ben, or is it Ben without Bill?

Yes, you are old enough to remember Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, and Little Weed from the kiddies’ TV programme in the 1950s.

There are also luscious plants, a pond, a craft shop, and some dedicated people
( garden fairies), who run the Southsea Community Garden (SCG), next to Cumberland House.

They started in the little red-and-white striped hut on the seafront, moved to the Pyramids, and are now in their new home.

Talking about the little red-and-white striped hut, it’s not going to be left to be another paint-peeling eyesore. It’s being revamped soon.

Anyway, chatting to garden fairy Sue Stokes the other week, not only can you toddle down to SCG to purchase locally-grown plants and veg, they also operate a barter system.

So, if you’ve got excess plants not being used, take them along and swap for some different ones.

They’re also in the process of starting a TimeBank.

I’d never heard of it, but what a clever idea.

It goes like this – we all have skills and experiences we could share with others, so you register your ‘skills’ with the TimeBank (one hour equals one time credit).

For example...

Sue does some sewing for Jane (one hour time credit). Bill helps Sue’s son with his maths homework ( one hour time credit), Jane does Bill’s ironing (one hour time credit ) and so on.

It’s a brilliant concept.

Not only are you swapping your skills ( no money exchanges hands), you get out and about in your community.

More info at southsea

Also see their weekly column on page 11.

Or pop into SCG seven days 10am-4pm ( subject to weather).

So with all the other attractions in the Canoe Lake area – water splash, swings, bouncy castle, model village, boating lake, and Zorb balls – it’s becoming a popular and busy family venue.

But because the loos are over the other side, loads of kiddies are peeing in the bushes. Lovely!