The girls were there because of Olly, not my new roll-on

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Apparently Lynx is to introduce its first deodorant for women.

After 27 years of aiming directly at the male market, the brand is branching out.

But will women want to wear it? Will the ‘Lynx effect’ see men running up and presenting bunches of flowers to them?

I’d always used Sure before, but last year I tried the new Lynx roll-on deodorant. I really thought that ‘Lynx effect’ had worked for me when I arrived for my show at Wave 105 that day to be greeted by 200 girls lining the main entrance walkway.

‘Wow, this stuff is good’, I thought, sniffing myself.

But as I entered the building, I realised that Olly Murs had just arrived for our interview. Damn!