The guys from Sorted Food deserve their global fame

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Beginning my plans for YouTube domination, I went and interviewed the lads from cooking channel Sorted Food.

It’s one of the biggest cooking channels on YouTube and began five years ago, around the time YouTube was really kicking off in the vlogging world.

Five years on and they have more than one million subscribers and a fully functional kitchen studio which is, in my expert opinion, as good as most of the broadcast studios I’ve worked in.

They’re also the nicest bunch of guys that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I went to meet them as part of a new series I’m working on about YouTube stardom and how successful a platform it is in helping people like the guys from Sorted create brilliant content that’s available to a global audience.

They’ve worked hard, seriously hard, to get where they are today and you can’t begrudge them any of their success.

What began as a bunch of friends chatting in a pub about recipes (they actually wrote them on beer mats) has now become a fully-fledged brand.

Next week they’re off to the US of A to launch their #LostandHungry series, which will see them travelling around the world discovering amazing new places to eat.

They’re kicking it off in America, but the whole thing is being steered by the audience.

They want the foodie community to advise where they should go next. It’s a brilliant concept and I wish them all the best.

it’s only inspired me to want to investigate more about the YouTube world and those who live in it

Considering they’re off next week to begin this amazing adventure, I was genuinely taken aback that they were happy to spend time being interviewed by yours truly.

Not only that, but we also managed to get some cooking done at the same time.

I took some ingredients with me and we cooked up a frittata or, as we’ve now called it, a ‘posh omelette’.

This was one assignment I really enjoyed.

Fab guys and a fab channel and it’s only inspired me to want to investigate more about the YouTube world and those who live in it.