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Young people are new and fresh in pretty much every area of society.

Young people are new and fresh in pretty much every area of society.

We are the individuals who will influence the future, so it is important we understand how elements work.

Politics, business, law, education, health, whatever area in the city there are people from our generation who will one day be required to take over.

Yet very often, young people are pushed to the side and forgotten about as decisions are made for us.

If you are under 18, you may not be able to vote yet you have a voice which can influence many.

For as long as it doesn’t get anybody in trouble, youngsters deserve the opportunity to speak up and be listened to.

If you’re passionate about something, then stand up and show people.

The stereotype of young people is that we have no idea what’s going on and the important decisions made aren’t relevant to us. When in fact they are.

Many of us are aware of what is happening which affects us, while numerous youngsters do wish to be a part of pivotal decisions.

Young people across Portsmouth have vast potential to influence, even change people’s opinions. So why is that so many of us sit on the back bench and keep quiet about decisions made that affect us?

I have met plenty of young people determined and driven to make a change, some of whom continue to represent other young people today.

Those who are devoted to giving young people a voice are listened to and do influence the thoughts of people with power.

My only concern is that those who speak up are only a minority.

I believe we need to build up an army of voices and prove to those decision-makers that we mean business.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror, or think over your life and wonder what can you do to make a change? I do.

Writing this column is a prime example of me giving young people a voice.

Speaking up and ensuring you’re listened to doesn’t require super-intelligence, a certain way of life or other requirements.

It’s just about being yourself.