The joy of kids and the theatre

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Ever since my daughter Caitlin was born, I’ve wondered when it would be the right time to take her to see a movie at the cinema or a show at the theatre.

Through her baby and toddler years I didn’t see much point, but now she is that bit older and can sit through a whole Disney movie at home I thought now would be a good time to attempt some away-from-the-house entertainment.

What could be more perfect than the local pantomime at the Kings Theatre in Southsea?

I guessed that there would be lots of children and any noise Caitlin might make during the performance would blend in with everyone else. So tickets were ordered online and off we went with some snacks in my pocket to keep her happy in the interval.

During a quiet bit in the performance the whole theatre might have heard Caitlin declare ‘daddy I need a wee’, but apart from that she loved it and joined in with the audience participation. After seeing a leaflet for another child-friendly show, she’s looking forward to going back.