The looming aqua-real estate boom is really not for me

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The era of sea colonisation is already under way, we’re told by architects and engineers. In 2014 the SeaOrbiter, an exploration vessel will travel the globe, sub-aquatically watching the physical and emotional effects on the resident aquanauts.

It’s estimated there’ll be a global population of 11 billion by 2050, not far off a 50 per cent increase on today’s numbers. So, with sea covering 70 per cent of the planet, it’s easy to see why architects are looking to build on or under our oceans and Portsmouth is primed for aqua-real estate. There’s something almost ‘full-circle Darwin-esque’ about humans going back to live in the sea.

As much as the concept excites me, I was once a little gippy on the Hayling ferry, so maybe it’s not for me.