The move from Sunday to Friday is the final straw

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Rick Jackson

It seems that because of the record industry moving to a synchronised global release day of Friday, The Official Charts Company will be moving the UK chart announcement to reflect this change.

Sadly I feel the move from Sunday to Friday for the chart countdown is the final straw

So, not to be ‘out-of-touch’ (something Radio 1 seems to be terrified of), it is following suit and moving the chart show.

Now, surely, commercial radio’s ‘made-up’ chart will follow.

I remember when the chart used to be released on a Tuesday and appeared in the papers on Wednesday.

This meant you knew when the record you wanted to ‘tape’ would appear on Sunday’s Top 40 show on the radio.

You may also remember the Top 40 was broadcast in FM on Radio 2’s frequency, which Radio 1 ‘borrowed’ just for the chart.

Of course, Radio 1 was broadcast in Medium Wave here until 1990.

By 1987 the chart was published and broadcast on the same day – a Sunday.

To my mind, this made the chart countdown very exciting as you had absolutely no idea where your favourite song was going to be.

Would it be Number One?

In all honesty I couldn’t tell you who hosts the chart countdowns these days and I bet no-one sits next to their radio with the cassette player on ‘pause-record’ waiting for the DJ to stop talking to record that song.

So what is the point, then, of broadcasting the chart?

You can see it instantly online and download any of the songs you like.

Friday afternoons are busy times. Many people are still at work, but I suppose kids will be home from school and could listen.

But today, children don’t digest music via the radio anywhere near as much as we did. These days it’s music TV to watch videos, or YouTube.

Sadly I feel the move from Sunday to Friday for the chart countdown is the final straw.

Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman will be turning in his grave.