The News Comment: It’s time to take action on Langstone Harbour pollution

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It’s a scenario which has sadly become all too familiar.

Langstone Harbour having to contend with the ongoing problem of sewage being pumped into the water at the beauty spot.

Just last month, an annual swimming gala had to be cancelled for the second year in a row over fears of pollution in the harbour.

And despite Southern Water stating back in June that the issue would soon be a ‘thing of the past’, here we are again.

The firm made efforts to put a stop to the waste going into the sea after a £10m scheme to improve Fort Cumberland, in Eastney, was completed in the summer.

But heavy rainfall since then has led to claims that sewers being at capacity has caused more waste getting into the harbour.

Now, campaigners are meeting with Southern Water officials to seek assurances that measures are taken to prevent public safety being put at risk.

It comes amid fears that more developments being built in the Portsmouth area will lead to the sewage network struggling to cope.

There are also concerns over the impact polluted water will have on local fishermen.

While Southern Water can give 10 million reasons why it has sought to end this problem by upgrading its station, further action clearly needs to be taken.

When potential discharges prevent the public from being able to enjoy the beautiful harbour, something is a long way from right.

We can only hope that Monday’s talks will see Southern Water make a convincing case on how its investment in its sewer systems will be able to reduce the outfalls – and that this long-running saga can be ended once and for all.