THE NEWS COMMENT: Take a walk... it might just help keep you healthy

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health is a subject we return to time and time again.

And as we have reported on numerous occasions, this area does not always score well, whether you are looking at obesity, diabetes, smoking or fitness.

Which is why it’s more disappointing than surprising to bring you the story we do today about a survey by Public Health England.

It found that a quarter of adults in the city fail to do half an hour’s exercise in a week.

That is one per cent worse than the county figure and eight per cent better than Southampton.

PHE hopes it will be a wake-up call and wants people to download its app to get them doing 10-minute brisk walks.

According to experts, just doing that can reduce the risk of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, dementia and some cancers.

So it’s serious.

As is often the case, making a difference is within each of our own gifts.

Yes, people’s lives are busy, yes, it can be hard to start something new, but it’s clear the benefits are there.

And as PHE points out, it doesn’t have to be anything difficult, or something that requires a financial outlay.

Just walking – something most people can manage.

And living where we do, 
we’re spoiled for choice of lovely places to take that brisk stroll.

Whether you like to go along the beach or prefer a country walk, or even if it’s just going to the shops, it’s all on the doorstep.

So we say, if you fall in the non-exercise category, why not download the app and give it a go?

And if you’re not an app sort of person, get out walking with a friend.

It might just pay off in the long run (or walk).