The nightmare of watching the box without help of Sky Plus

COMMENT: Cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life

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My mate was watching TV the other night when he suddenly realised that his Sky Plus, or V Plus, I can’t remember which, had broken down.

And it got him into a bit of a panic because he was watching some sort of complex drama, and he suddenly realised that he was going to have to concentrate really hard to figure out what was going on.

Basically, he’d got so used to watching TV knowing that he could just rewind if he didn’t understand something, or he missed a bit of the plot, that he’d forgotten how to really focus on the show.

He ended up feeling really knackered at the end because he’d had to try so hard to follow it.

Plus, he was dying for the loo and couldn’t pause the live TV because the Sky Plus was down.

It makes you wonder how we ever managed to watch TV before we had these things.

And on to other matters, does anyone else fret about this?

When the waiter comes to take your order at a 
restaurant and they memorise the details instead of writing it down in the trad-itional way, do you just 
keep getting that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that they’re going to get it wrong?

I do, and it spoils the whole dining out experience for me.

But I think they do it because so many waiters are actors, and they don’t want to lose their skill for memorising lines when they’re out of work.

But anyway, can you just write my order down next time I come in, and not ruin my evening please?

And another thing that’s been puzzling me...

Do you know anyone who has a breakfast bar in their kitchen that actually uses it as a breakfast bar?

Because I don’t think anyone ever actually sits on those tall uncomfortable stools and eats their breakfast.

Builders should just rename it ‘The Jutting Out Storage’ or perhaps the ‘Worktop Bar’.