The peril of sunburn – a solid thong frozen to my lasagne

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Phew! What a scorcher our summer has turned out to be. After the wettest winter that seemed to last an eternity, we are suddenly subjected to the hottest year since 1976.

So, I ventured out onto the beach, donning my trendy Primark two-piece.

I nestled myself among the pebbles (ouch) and promptly realised I’d forgotten the sun cream.

Served me right as I burnt to a crisp.

I’m still red and peeling now and have resorted to placing my undies in the freezer compartment in between the frozen peas and the Brussels sprouts to try to cool down my nether regions.

This caused great amusement to a visiting friend who came back not with just ice for our drinks, but one of my thongs stuck fast to a lasagne.