The Pinocchio Effect teaches us how to catch out those liar liars

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Yippee, Christmas is over for another year. I’m not completely ‘bah humbug’ folks, but it does go on and on.

I mean, just how many ways can you stuff a turkey dear? Every year all the supermarket adverts drive me bonkers.

As many of you know, I was brought up by my Roman Catholic fire and brimstone Scots gran.

So it was a case of rosary beads, prayers and save our souls, morning, noon and night.

And I was always taught to think of others less fort-unate, and to be grateful, and give thanks for what I had.

So I was delighted to be invited to a Buddhist meeting where the discussion topic was ‘thank you’.

Now, being a bit of a ‘thank you gal’ myself , I often think that people forget to use those little but powerful two words.

So as we near the end of what was for many a very challenging 2012, what can you give thanks for? Your health, home, family?

Give a thank you to a worn-out mum, an overworked dad.

What about the kids, a hug and a big thank you for being good.

A genuine thank you brings sunshine to your soul, and a smile to the other person’s heart.

And finally...

Liar liar.... nose on fire!!!


According to scientists from the University of Granada, who used thermal imaging cameras in their research, when you tell porky pies, your anxiety level increases, and the temperature rises in the tip of your nose.

Eee, fancy that.

They’ve called it The Pinocchio Effect, based on the children’s story of the wooden puppet whose nose grew a bit longer every time he told a fib.

So I’m thinking girls, we can use this method to catch out our duplicitous ( such a melodic word for lying so ’n’ so ) fellas.

Here’s how it goes. You pat his nose and he thinks ‘ah, how affectionate’.

You think, cool nose.

You ask your question and then he gives the ‘ wrong’ answer.

You tap his now-hot nose, and then yell, ‘Liar liar, nose on fire ‘.

Good eh?