The price of a coffee is ridiculous

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How much? £4.50 for two coffees?

Were they specialist coffees, made with milk and chocolate sprinkles, served in a bone china cup with a paper doily on the saucer?

Who am I kidding. They were just bog standard coffees in a cardboard cup.

Last Sunday I was with pals at the Love Southsea Show. We’d just been rained off the live music at the bandstand and decided to give the Castle Field event a whirl.

Having squidged around in the quagmire for a while, they decided to get a cup of coffee and mosey off home.

But they ended up rather piqued at the price.

I remembered that, way back in the late 1960s, friends returning from Paris told us they’d paid a pound for a cup of coffee. It could never happen here, could it.

Well now it has.

Some cappuccinos are nearly £3. Ridiculous.