The problem with hand-washing is it can make you look a bit evil

Vital to plan together in case disaster should strike

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When I was in a hospital visiting a friend the other night, I saw one of those advice posters that they always have up on the walls of hospitals.

It was all about cleaning your hands with the anti-bacterial alcoholic handwash that you have to keep using while you’re there. And it amazed me that there was a six-step guide for cleaning your hands!

It had pictures showing the six steps you must take to properly wash your hands to make them clean. So I was thinking, does anyone ever take that much care to follow six steps when they just wash their hands normally with soap?

No-one thinks about washing their hands in a methodical way, do they? We just do it.

And the worst thing about this handwashing guide in hospital is it made a big thing about you rubbing your hands together to get them clean.

But the problem with rubbing your hands together like that is it looks like you’re thinking up some dastardly plan or scheme. It makes you look a bit evil. So, if you go to a hospital and you see all these doctors rubbing their hands together, that’s not good, is it?

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