The referee’s decision is final

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I have many roles in my daughters’ lives. This includes being their protector, provider, teacher, playmate and companion.

But there is one further role I have to fulfil as their father and that is I am also their personal referee.

Yes, I am there to stop and settle arguments between four-year-old Alyssa and six-year-old Caitlin.

They are always squabbling over the silliest things.

For example, we’ve just had the argument about who got to use the princess towel when they got out of the bath. This made Alyssa very emotional when her elder sister got to it first.

Then there was who got to sit next to daddy at the dinner table. This time it was Caitlin who got a bit upset when her younger sister got there first.

But of course, at other times they can be completely pleasant to each other and get along just fine.

But I always know that after the calm must come the storm and the next ‘I had it first’ argument will ensue and I will try to find the answer to the impossible question, who really did have it first?