The school where nothing is done...

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I’ve come to realise that when I pick my daughters up from school and ask them the obvious question, ‘what did you do today?’ I don’t often get the answer I was looking for and sometimes the reply that wings its way towards me is ‘nothing’.

Now, I’ve met my daughters’ teachers many times and I’ve been into their schools. It seems to me the teachers work very hard and with the walls of the school plastered in all kinds of work, it seems the children do to.

But if my daughters’ ‘nothing’ answer is to be believed, all I can presume it that the staff and pupils sit around doing nothing all day until the school bell rings to signal the end of the working day. I’m not sure I believe this is true.

But there are other ways of asking the question that will get the answer I’m looking for.

For example, I’ll ask my daughters to ‘tell me something that made you laugh today’ they’ll recount a time when their teacher or fellow pupils made them belly laugh.

It’s up to me to ask the right question to get the right answer.