The sun is back at last, so time to get clicking!

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Isn’t it great to see the sun out again? To be honest, it felt a little odd celebrating a bit of warmth and lightness over this May weekend but, given the terrible weather we have endured of late, a bit of sunshine seemed to come as a shock to the system!

Driving around Portsmouth on Saturday and Sunday, it was clear that a fair few people were out and about, determined to enjoy the good weather.

Many, I’m sure, were off to the beach or the common, or heading out into the country for a walk and perhaps – heaven forbid! – even a picnic.

And most, I reckon, would have been carrying a camera ready to take a few snaps in the sunshine.

I wonder how many of those pictures might prove to be of interest to readers of The News in general. A fair few, I should imagine.

Because, as well as the great pictures by staff photographers we publish every day, we also reserve a prime spot on page 7 for a reader’s photograph and feedback tells us just how popular these snaps are.

They can be of any subject – today’s is a shot by Barrie Webb of Stubbington of his family’s pet rabbit. We get quite a few pictures of animals submitted, as well as impressive landscapes, and a fair few quirky shots taken by readers who happen to have a camera at hand in the right place at the right time.

So if you capture a dynamic picture in this glorious sunshine (or even when the weather is untoward!) please send it to us at or to Picture Desk, The News Centre, Hilsea, Portsmouth PO2 9SX.

We’d love to showcase your photograph.