The truth’s out - housework is therapeutic, not a chore

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Did TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp really let slip a female secret that has been kept for centuries?

This week she said women secretly love housework and see it as something therapeutic. She also revealed how it keeps her sane!

We men have always been made to feel guilty about how little we do around the house.

We’re told that if you ladies don’t get on and do it, it won’t get done and how you have to do it, as at least then it will be done properly.

Well now the truth is out. You love it! And not only is it something you get real satisfaction from, you can use it to get one over on us men too.

From now on, instead of flowers or a meal out for my wife, I shall put up the ironing board for her in the lounge and put on a Loose Women box set for her to enjoy.

Seriously though, I think Kirstie is right.

Yes, I may not do as much housework as when I was single, but there is something extremely positive about that feeling you get when you’ve cleaned the house from top to toe.

I remember it would take me a while to get the motivation, but once I’d started ironing, I couldn’t stop.

My mind would wander, as if I was brainstorming for work or having ideas about the house.

By the time all the ironing was done and put away, that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction was really powerful stuff.

Today my wife takes care of the ironing. Apparently, I can’t be trusted.

That suits me fine as you can imagine the earache if I burned one of her dresses.

Sharing the workload certainly helps, but nowadays I get my therapy in the garden.

Revving up the petrol engine on my mower, leaving behind beautiful lines, brings great satisfaction!

So I think Kirstie was right, but not just for women. Cleaning your house cleanses your soul at the same time.

Please excuse me now, as the toilets need bleaching and the oven needs a scrub.

This is going to feel good!