There are no winners in case where a lie came back to bite

COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, goes the saying. And many have accused Chris Huhne’s ex-wife of blowing the whistle on his points-swapping as a way to get back at him for doing the dirty and leaving her.

Vicky Pryce said she wanted the world to know the truth about the man who promised to love her forever, and that’s why she told the papers that it was he who notched up speeding points, but she who took them so he could avoid the risk of losing his seat over a driving ban.

Her defence in court was that he made her do it, and she felt unable to argue and forced to comply.

There are no winners and both were due to be sentenced today for their actions. It’s true when they say that lies will come back to bite you.