There is a will – and there’ll be a way to save Pompey

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There are but two ways to look in life: up or down. Today, as Pompey face the latest threat to their very survival, we stand alongside those fans who firmly believe that through the gloom there is a prize to be grasped from the jaws of disaster.

That prize is the very future of Portsmouth Football Club: proud members of the Football League and integral to the health and happiness of this city, its wider environs and to the huge community of Pompey fans scattered across the globe.

Owners have come and gone at Fratton Park since the heady days of Premiership success and the winning of the FA Cup.

History shows that the club overstretched itself and successive regimes have been unable to halt what has often felt like the collapse of a deck of cards.

The pessimists would say that Pompey have no more aces up their sleeves. The hoped-for buyer who would succeed where predecessors have failed has simply not materialised. The taxman has his winding-up petition and next month will seek a court order that could spell the end of the club.

The optimists though will believe that if supporters, businessmen, politicians and the club band together it is possible to emerge from this long nightmare with a football club owned in part at least by the community which it has served and enhanced for more than a century.

We sit fairly and squarely with the optimists and hope that our support and help – starting with a key meeting of interested parties tomorrow – can help drive forward the efforts of supporters to ensure not only the club’s immediate survival but, in the longer term, its renewed health and prosperity.

The fight to save Pompey will require commitment and determination from many different quarters. It might well require too, we feel, aid from the Government.

But Pompey, as with other football clubs facing an uncertain future, need to be saved.

The next few weeks are a crucial time. Maybe, just maybe, a new buyer can still be found. But if not, we believe a plan can and will be formulated to prevent the unthinkable. Play up Pompey!