There is no justification for speeding past a school

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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If you speed going past a school, you are a pinheaded div. Fact.

In the past two weeks I’ve seen a handful of motorists ripping it past school gates, totally oblivious to how they could be moments away from tragedy.

On one occasion a chap was on the phone too.

If a child had stepped out, it would have ended sadly…for everyone.

I’ve racked my limited brain to justify how anyone, even an ambulance, can have good reason to race past a school.

And there isn’t one.

I, like you, know children pretty well – I was one and I now have two of my own.

Daily I see how their brilliant little brains work.

One minute they’re concentrating on the job in hand, the next they’re looking at a ladybird on their coat and they’ve drifted away to another place.

Parents should be escorting and accountable for younger children, but even children of nine and over just can’t be expected to maintain their concentration all the time.

A moment of characteristic distant childish thinking combined with a motorist trying to shave 20 seconds off their journey could end in disaster.

Do drivers think of the consequences?

I’m not going to preach and say I’ve never sped on the motorway because that would be untrue.

For most of us, having to go through life with the guilt of harming somebody else’s child is unimaginable.

I’d like to see the speed limit reduced even more around schools on weekdays from 7.30am-6pm.

More and more children attend pre-school breakfast clubs and the traditional after-school clubs.

Why not bring the speed limit down to 10 or 15mph?

Okay, it’s almost snail-like in a car, but on an average journey it would add no more than 30 seconds to your trip and would drastically reduce the chances of severe injury.

For those idiots who continue to speed, I’ve dreamed up a punishment that would leave them traumatised for life.

Throw them into a room for some no-holds-barred action with a gaggle of pent-up mums.