There is only One Direction for this boy band now – down

If we must have cuts we need to know exactly why

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I always said the only way for the One Direction boys to go was down and I fear that time may have come.

Did you hear all the palava this week that went down because a video was ‘leaked’ of some of the boys in a car in Peru allegedly smoking a joint?

Well, not being funny, but does anyone really care?

I’m not condoning what they reportedly have done, I couldn’t possibly comment (for fear Simon Cowell might sue me), but honestly, when you’ve built up a band to be as big as they are, there is only one way for them to go and that is down.

When you put an image of a squeaky clean boy band out there for the world to fall in love with, and then burst that bubble, well... it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen now.