There’ll be no last-minute chickening out on this one

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So it’s the big day tomorrow – my charity fundraising abseil that I’m doing for The Rowans Hospice at Purbrook.

It’s only now that the reality of suspending myself off a tall building and somehow getting down has really dawned on me.

My saving grace is that I’m not doing it alone, so there’ll be no last-minute chickening out. If 99-year-old ‘Daring’ Doris Long can do it, I’ll be doing it too!

I’ll also be joined by TV star Kim Woodburn and Luke Crocker from Unilife, a student accommodation provider in the city, plus a few other daredevils who’ve decided that’s how they should spend their Saturday lunchtime.

If anyone feels like having a giggle at my expense, please feel free to come down to Mercantile House, which is opposite the Portsmouth Student Union, about midday tomorrow.

I’ve raised almost £350 so far, which I’m absolutely thrilled about, so thank you to everyone who’s donated.

Special thanks to Unilife, which donated £100, and to an old faithful listener from my Quay radio days who donated £62.50 so I could get to the original target of £250.

Because of such kind donations, I’ve managed to surpass that figure. Now I’m determined not to let anybody down.

I want you to know that even if I have to be pushed off that building, I’ll be going down it – not least because I don’t have £350 to pay you all back if I fail!

Now, has anyone else been caught up this week in the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival? Oh, if only I was famous, I’d work that festival like there was no tomorrow – the beautiful dresses, the stunning people, the flowing wine.

But, more importantly, it’s the event that basically decides what upcoming movies are going to be a hit.

I’d love to be there. Even if I could just sit in a cinema all day, watching back-to-back films, I’d be in my element.

Yet even one of the biggest events of the year couldn’t be saved from the damn weather. On Wednesday evening it was the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie The Great Gatsby, hailed as the biggest film of the year, and it absolutely poured down with rain.

That made me feel a tad better!