There’s a fine line between instinct and sheer stupidity

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There’s a fine line between instinct and stupidity and it’s one I crossed this week.

Instinct is that little voice deep down inside which can keep us heading in the right direction.

Stupidity is when we think that we’re hearing instinct, but in fact we’re simply listening to other people and telling ourselves that it applies to us too.

This week I was definitely in the latter camp.

(A word of warning – this column is about to get uber-girly, so men may consider giving the rest of it a miss and going straight to the other two bits below).

My stupidity concerns my work bra (you know the work ones – plain, hardy, slightly past their best colour but still giving good shape) and its fitting.

Apparently there are a staggering number of women out there who are wearing the wrong-sized bras.

We’re shortchanging ourselves on the cuppage, or the around the backage, or pushing them up with too little support, or – well, the list goes on.

I bet if you’re wearing said item right now, you’re starting to itch just a little bit.

Not a real itch mind, an in-the-head one. But it’ll pass down to your skin and by the end of this paragraph you’ll be adjusting yourself.

My stupidity occurred because I heard a discussion about ill-fitting bras.

That got me in what I thought was an instinct moment, where mine didn’t fit properly, and I resolved to rush straight home and adjust it.

Which I stupidly did – and then spent the next day bending and twisting and trying to readjust the darn thing back without taking it off in the toilet cubicles as that is just plain undignified.

But it did strike me, not for the first time, how few items of our clothing we are given the option to adjust.

Men have the joy of choosing collar size, waist width and leg length. Why is it that ladies’ fitting is about bosoms, yet men’s clothes come in all shapes and sizes?

It’s time to demand waist, hip and leg measurements so that nothing need be adjusted ever again. Then we can finally trust our instincts which tell us when items fit well – or not.