There’s a place for books as well as technology

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Last week, it was announced by OfCom that one in three children now have their own digital tablet, while the number with a TV in their bedroom has dropped to 46 per cent from 66 per cent since 2009.

The number of children watching television on their tablet rose from 15 to 20 per cent.

Television has been a prime source of entertainment throughout many peoples’ childhoods. As well as entertaining, it has captivated us and influenced our education.

Through elements of our learning, television has been core. For many, television has broadly been seen to be a modern and interactive method of learning.

Nevertheless, technology has changed rapidly each year and the younger generation are finding newer, fresher and more interactive ways to learn.

Through the power of a finger, you can swipe and tap your way through various educational mediums that may benefit your understanding.

Does this mean the end for books? Many people would agree that gone are the days when we relied on big volumes of writing. Why should we plough our way through paragraphs and pages when we can find what we need on the internet?

Pro-book readers would argue that it’s important to keep printed text alive. In fact, many essays are failed or given a low grade if no reference has been made to a book. So what’s going on?

Technology is clearly becoming dominant in our academic studies.

It’s evident through the statistics released last week that we prefer to use tablets combined with television, thus neglect books.

Tablets are also more practical to encourage learning as they are easier to use and are more flexible to pick and choose what you want to know.

But through the power of picking and choosing on a digital device, you could miss important information.

Here is where I stand. I’m a fanatic of technology, I love the way it has worked in my life and the support it has brought through my learning.

But I don’t think you could ever go wrong reading from a book to support some of your studies.