There’s a reason for no takers

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Portsmouth City Council, if you are wondering why there’ve been no takers for your ‘commercial opportunity’ on Southsea seafront, I can help.

Someone has stuck white tape on to make an I in between the words TO and LET. Possibly, like me, they had an ‘I don’t believe it’ moment when they saw the TO LETsign on the small toilet block on the promenade, opposite Canoe Lake loos, and decided to return it to TOILET.

My second ‘I don’t believe it’ moment was last bank holiday Monday on Castle Field, where I was enjoying an evening with The Solent Speakers.

At 6.30pm I noticed four men, obviously very inconvenienced at the closed gents’ toilets.

Suddenly, one chap was on ‘lookout’, while the other three fellas lined up to relieve themselves at the back of the toilet. Welcome to Portsmouth, the ‘great’ closed water closet city.