There’s compelling evidence that a fasting diet works

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A week has passed since I mentioned in this column about the Intermittent Fasting diet I was about to try. And what a week it has been.

After talking about it on my radio show, it seems many of my listeners watched the Horizon documentary on the BBC in August and tried it themselves, with startling results.

So I bought the book The Fast Diet that accompanied the TV programme and I have to say it’s fascinating and compelling stuff, backed up by scientific proof.

One scientist proclaimed that this could be the answer to all our problems with obesity in Western civilisation.

The key is to convince people to limit their calorie intake just two days of the week and eat what they want on the other five.

But it’s not just weight loss that fasting benefits. It lowers blood pressure and glucose levels and helps with hormone production.

This in turn lowers your risk to many illnesses by quite a significant amount. There is research to back this up.

The programme presenter, Dr Michael Mosley, went to America and tried the diet.

Although only slightly overweight, he had a BMI of 26 due to high amounts of internal body fat.

He had high blood pressure and was heading towards diabetes.

Weeks later, his BMI had dropped to 19 and his blood pressure was normal. Incredible results for someone who ate what they wanted five days a week, but then only 600 calories every Monday and Thursday.

Yes it’s not good for everybody and you should check with your doctor before going on this diet, but the evidence is just so compelling.

I’ve fasted twice now and coped better than expected. No breakfast, two-egg omelette for lunch and a soup in the evening with plenty of water.

You learn what foods give best energy for their calories.

As we’ve known it, a diet means you cut calories every day and many find this too hard to do over a long period of time.

But I bet you could do it just two days each week as part of your weekly routine.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.