There’s more than one way the people can go green

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the science is there for all to see.

Global warming is a problem and a problem that’s not going away.

And, as we know, one of the primary causes is the burning of fossil fuels.

It might not be something we think about every time we flick on a light switch, but it’s still primarily how power is generated in this country.

Of course there are many options for green energy – including harnessing the power of the sea or tides.

But one of the most prolific is solar energy.

The News has reported on many so-called solar farms that have been created in recent years.

Many of you will have seen them in farmers’ fields.

It’s not to everyone’s taste but there are often no losers.

The landowner makes money and green energy makes its way into the system.

But it’s not always straightforward, as our story today about the building of Holly Hill Leisure Centre in Sarisbury Green demonstrates.

It is not going to have solar panels on the roof, despite calls being made for the roofspace to be used in this way by Gosport & Fareham Friends of the Earth.

But as Sean Woodward explains, this particular building was not suitable and will, in fact, generate electricity and capture any heat from this process to use in the building.

So while the obvious call might be to use all available space to help generate more power, this illustrates that it’s not always as straightforward as that.

Most people agree that something needs to be done, but a glance at the number of homes already with solar panels of their own goes to show that many people are taking matters into their own hands.

There’s no argument that going green is good. But let’s remember there’s more than one way to achieve it.