There’s no place for graffiti on our streets or landmarks

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That Banksy bloke has a lot to answer for.

Somewhere along the way, his talent with a spray can has tempted some people to suggest that graffiti can be an alternative art form.

But I reckon it’s time to reclaim our streets – more specifically, our beauty spots.

You see, I didn’t clamber all the way to the top of Edinburgh’s famous Arthur’s Seat only for our photo op to be hijacked by a potty-mouthed yob with an aerosol.

Yet there, scrawled on the side of the summit marker in capital letters, was some chap called Frosty’s wise words to the world. At least he’d heard of alliteration.

But writing the rudest F-word he could think of rather spoilt our family picture.

If I could find his front door I’d be tempted to spray: ‘Sarah says you suck’.