There’s no shame in a transplant

Jason Gardiner
Jason Gardiner

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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Hair today, gone tomorrow.

And then,’s back again.

Actually it isn’t magic, more like thousands of pounds for a hair restoration operation for men.

Both footballer Wayne Rooney and acid-tongued TV judge, Jason Gardiner have endured the procedure to restore their crowning glory.

I say endured because, if you’ve read any recent articles describing the operation, it sounds excruciatingly painful.

Well, years ago I knew a man who had a hair transplant and believe me he was in agony during the operation and for weeks after.

Back then, regaining his curly locks cost £3,000.

They cut out a donor strip of his own hair at the back of his head and then took minuscule plugs of between two and four hairs to transplant into the top of his head.

Day after day I’d check his head – and nothing.

Until one day some itsy-bitsy hairs had appeared. Whoopee!

Then they disappeared. It didn’t work.

I think hair transplants are more refined and successful these days.

Or, do we never hear about the failures?

I was sworn to secrecy and luckily for the gentleman I knew, he worked outside and could wear a hat, so no-one found out.

So, is it really so bad for a man to go bald prematurely?

Well, I say yes. Back in the 1950’s my dad went bald at 19 and I can tell you folks, he was devastated.

But it was stiff upper lip back then. If you went bald, that was it, you were bald.

Nowadays, a lot of younger men lose their hair and it’s a more acceptable look.

But it certainly ages some men and if they want to spend their hard-earned cash on a hair restoration operation, why should they be ridiculed?

Just look at the money many modern women spend on hair extensions over a lifetime.

Just for once, I’m on the side of you fellas here.

If you want to hold back the years I say you go guys!